Learn Online Adobe Page Maker 6.5 - Free Tutorials

 Getting Started with  PageMaker 6.5
 New Features in  PageMaker 6.5
 Basics of PageMaker
   Paper Orientation
 Starting  PageMaker
 PageMaker  Environment
   File Menu
   Edit Menu
   Layout Menu
   Type Menu
   Element Menu
   Utilities Menu
   View Menu
   Window Menu
   Zero Position
   Pointer Tool
   Text Tool
 Rotate Tool
   Crop Tool
   Oblique Line Tool
 Constrained Line  Tool
   Box Tool
   Rectangle Frame
   Circle Tool
   Circular Frame
   Polygon Tool
   Polygon Frame
   Hand Tool
   Zoom Tool
 Opening a New   Publication
 Page Size and  Paper Size
   Control Palette
 Control Palette In   Object Mode
 Control Palette in  Character Mode
 Control Palette In  Paragraph Mode
   Color Palette
   Styles Palette
   Layers Palette
 Master Pages  Palette
   Hyperlink Palette
 Setting a  Measurement  System
 Grids, Rulers and   Guides
   Viewing Pages
   Inserting Pages
 Sorting Pages
 Craeting New  Document
   Master Pages
 Creating a New  Master
 Headers and  Footers
 Working with Text
 Text Basics
   Entering Text
   Placing Text
 Text Objects,  Stories and  Editors
 Formatting Text
   Formatting Text
 Kerning and  Tracking
 Paragraph  Setting
   Setting Tabs
   Indents Setting
 Bullets and  Numbering
 Hyphenation  Setting
   Set Styles
   Creating Styles
 Editing and  Removing Styles
   Rotating Text
 Adding Color to  text
 Advanced Topics
 Creating  Hyperlinks
   Spell Check
 Working with  Columns
 Indexes and  Pagination
 Using The Find  Feature
 Working with  Graphics and Layers
   Line Tool
   Box Tool
   Ellipse Tool
   Polygon Tool
   Rounded Corners
   Fill and Stroke
 Placing Graphics
 Transforming  Objects
 Transforming a  Rectangle
 Resizing an  Ellipse
 Cropping an  Image
 Working with Color
 Adding Color to a  Graphic Shape
 Working with  Colors
 Creating an RGB  Color
 Editing, Copying,  Removing and  Replacing Colors
   Replacing Colors
 Grouping and  Un-grouping  Objects
 Locking Objects
   Locking Objects
 Masking Objects
   Using Layers
 Moving Objects  Between Layers
   Layer Options
   Stacking Order
 Using PhotoShop  Plug-ins
 Importing, Linking  and Exporting
 Importing Text  Features
   Microsoft Word
 PageMaker 5.0- 6.0 stories
 Text-only (ASCII  or ANSI)
 Importing HTML  Files
 Importing Spread  Sheet
 Importing  Database
 Importing Photo  CD
 Importing  QuickTime Movie  frame
 Acquiring a Tiff  Image
 Exporting Options
 Object Linking  And Embedding
   Links Manager
   Link Options
   Link Info
   Exporting Options
   Exporting Text
   Exporting Graphic
 Exporting to JPEG  format

 Publishing and  Printing
 Printing Your  Document
   No of Copies
   Reverse order
 Print drop down  list
 Ignore 'Non- Printing'
   Reader's spreads
   Reduce to fit
   Color Options
 Print Colors in  Black button
   Print All Inks
   Print No Inks
   All to Process
 Printing Your  Document
 Publishing on the  Internet
 Creating a PDF  Document
 Creating an  Html Document
 Publishing a  Document on the  Net

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